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Cyprus in a nutshell

Cyprus is the third-largest island in the Mediterranean lying at the intersection between Africa, Asia and Europe. It offers not only some of the most stunning scenery you will find anywhere, including fantastic beaches and snowy mountains, but is also an ideal place for entrepreneurs to set up their business.

Enjoying Life

Enjoying Life

  • Safe and secure

  • Lively and peaceful

  • Multicultural

  • High standard of living

  • Qualitative education

  • Wonderful climate and healthy environment

  • Ease of immigration

Two Men Shaking Hands

Doing Business

  • Strategically located

  • Member of the EU

  • Reliable legal system

  • Comprehensive tax system with tax incentives both to companies and individuals

  • Robust regulatory framework


Ahead of Competition

  • Simplified procedures on company formation

  • Low corporation tax on net profits at 12,5%

  • Dividends and interest are exempt from Cyprus income tax and subject only to SDC in the case of domiciled tax residents

  • Foreigners can apply for and obtain the non-domicile status being relieved from SDC on dividends and interest received

  • Profit on disposal of securities is tax exempt

  • Capital gains are not taxable in Cyprus except for the 20% tax on gains on immovable property located in Cyprus

  • Intellectual Property (IP) exemption of 80% of the overall profit derived from the qualifying intangible asset

  • Exemptions and deductions on individuals' income tax

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